Buy Cryptnox FIDO 2.0 Card

Cryptnox is a Swiss based company created in 2019. It is specializing in the development of a range of solutions and applications applied to secure chips.

It offers a range of consumer and corporate products such as FIDO2/webauthn NFC cards, as well as high end solutions targeting digital asset management.

Our developments focus on providing the best security as well as the best user experience for all its products.

Cryptnox Contact and NFC FIDO2

The FIDO2 standard (Fast Identification Online) was developped by the Fido Alliance ( and regroup tech giants such as Microsoft and Google for a common online authentication standard

Increase your Two Factor Authentication security or even go passwordless on compatible websites, with our Cryptnox FIDO2 contactless card

Our product is developed on a Common Criteria EAL6+ certified chipset, thus offering among the highest security standard

Use Cases

Compatible Operating Systems

Windows / Linux / Android / IOS


All reader supporting the ISO/IEC 7816-3 for contact and ISO/IEC 14443 Type A for contactless (NFC / 13.56 Mhz)


The Card is fully compatible with the Microsoft stringent requirements, making it a Microsoft-compatible security key.

Communication speeds



FIDO2 certified authenticator Level 1

Chipset and OS security